In-House Solutions Introduces Octopuz Robotic and Simulation Software

Cambridge, ON (January 20, 2014): In-House Solutions, the leading Canadian provider of CAD/CAM/DNC and robotic software offerings, is announcing the release of its latest new product.

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Octopuz (pronounced Octopus) software — a revolutionary approach to combining off-line programming of robots and manufacturing process simulation. Octopuz is the integration of CAD/CAM technologies for CAD2Path and Simulation/Visualization technologies for robots and production process real world simulations. Octopuz is a mainstream versatile, powerful and effective solution.

Adding to the excitement of the launch is the fact that In-House is now the OEM supplier of Mastercam and Visual Components software which now completes its software solutions for manufacturing and further enhances In-House’s reputation as a formidable and versatile solutions provider.

“We are extremely excited about our new OEM partnership with Visual Components. Their simulation and visualization software is world-class and their people are exceptional”, says In-House President & CEO, Ed House. “Also, my strong 30 year working relationship with CNC Software and Mastercam aside, the choice was easy and In-House is honoured to be given the opportunity to now OEM Mastercam, the industry leader worldwide in ‘installed seats’.

For more information on Octopuz from In-House Solutions, call 800.529.5517 or email Kevin Hesch, Canadian Sales Manager at [email protected]


In-House Solutions has been in operations for over 25 years and is comprised of a team of experienced engineers, technicians, machinists, software developers and trainers who are dedicated to selling, supporting, developing and implementing CAD/CAM/
DNC, complete robotic software and Portable CMM solutions. For more information, visit or contact Kevin Hesch, Canadian Sales Manager at [email protected] or call 800.529.5517.

Mastercam was developed by CNC Software, Inc., a privately owned corporation founded in 1983. They provide Mastercam CAD/CAM solutions worldwide in industries including mold making, prototyping, automotive, medical, aerospace, and consumer products. For more information about CNC Software, Inc. and its Mastercam family of products, contact CNC Software, Inc., at 800.228.2877 or 860.875.5006, or visit

Founded in 1999 by a team of simulation experts that helped develop the original 3D simulation technology, Visual Components is now the premier 3D software provider to simulate and visualize all disciplines encountered within a manufacturing environment. They offer machine builders, system integrators and manufacturing companies a simple, quick and highly cost effective way to build and simulate their total process solutions. For more information about Visual Components visit or call 855.823.3746.

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