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In-House Solutions is excited to present its partnership with Edge Factor! eduFACTOR is creating film products that are focused on recruiting. How is a
student supposed to make an informed career choice if they don’t know what
modern manufacturing looks like? eduFACTOR uses exciting media to put career pathways in focus.


eduFACTOR GameChangers Kits

eduFACTOR offers 3 kits that include exciting story driven products that are designed to equip High School Teachers, Students, Parents and Guidance Counselors as they explore career choices in modern manufacturing.

eduFACTOR | Metal & Flesh KiteduFACTOR | Chilean Mine KiteduFACTOR | Gnarly Metal Kit

Metal & Flesh Kit

When Mike Schultz lost his leg, he thought his pro snowcross and motocross career was over. The Metal & Flesh Kit shows how Mike and a team of rockstar manufacturers design & build a new prosthetic that put his name back on the leaderboards. With this kit, educators & industry leaders can promote careers in manufacturing by revealing the team needed to bring Mike’s idea to life.

Gnarly Metal Kit

Based on acclaimed Gnarly Metal production, this GamesChangers Kit fires up students to get involved in manufacturing, as they discover the careers behind an innovative team that creates advanced products for mountain bike riders. How are these manufacturers impacting the world? What makes them gamechangers? Use this kit to inspire students and parents, fill training centers and ultimately, recruit the next manufacturing workforce.

Chilean Mine Rescue Kit

Do the people you speak to see manufacturing as irrelevant? Boring? Mundane? Use the Chilean Mine Kit to kick their old school ideas to the curb. The Chilean Mine Rescue Kit shows that as 33 miners clung for their lives, a heroic team of manufacturers & engineers created a drill to go through 2200 ft of solid rock & make this rescue mission possible. Use this kit to show students & parents the awesome careers involved in creating a life saving product.

“Full” GameChanger Kits | For Post Secondary Schools

What’s in the box?

When you order you a GameChangers full kit you will get both a physical product as well as access to the online portal. The online portal gives you access to all media and teaching products.

The content in the box is the fun stuff: Posters, Stickers, episode DVDs, T-shirts.  The kit includes a copy of the parent sampler DVD as well as a looping DVD to use in your foyer or tradeshow booth.

Teaching Resources (Portal)

Career Lesson PlansCareer Lesson Plans

What does a career in advanced manufacturing look like? How can you communicate the exciting career choices to students in your classroom? Using one of the Edge Factor episodes as the foundation for the content, this bundle of career lesson plans is loaded with high impact media designed to shatter misconceptions and inspire the next generation. Approximately 45-50 minutes of media rich lesson plans.

  • Intro to Careers
  • Engineer Career
  • Designer Career
  • Programmer Career
  • Machinist Career

Technical Lesson Plans

Technical Lesson Plans

Edge Factor uses stories to bring to life the importance of manufacturing. Along the way we see some amazing technology. Using our story as the foundation, this bundle of lesson plans brings technology to life in the context of a story. Each lesson plan bundle is filled with high-impact media, exciting class projects, and the resources you need to engage your students. Use these media rich lessons to introduce some key aspects of manufacturing in the context of this exciting story.

  • Intro to CAM
  • Intro to CAD
  • Intro to CNC Machining
  • Intro to Additive Manufacturing
  • Intro to Cutting Tools

Marketing Resources (Portal)

GameChangers CommercialGameChangers Commercial

Are you looking for a high-impact communication tool to attract students? Use the ready-made commercials to call your viewers to join an industry that impacts lives; builds the world; and offers well paying, rewarding careers.  Inspire your viewers to pursue a game changing career by studying at your school, Community college or Training Facility.


Parent Sampler
Parent Sampler

Manufacturing has a bad rep. Many view it as dark and dirty and very few would see it as the first choice as a career for their child. So, how do you convince parents that their kids should get into advanced manufacturing? Why not simply take out a loan and pursue the typical college education pathway? Edge Factor is helping you put manufacturing careers in context by using current stats to shatter misconceptions and show parents just how successful a career in manufacturing could be.

Orientation BundleOrientation Bundle

Why would a high school student want to go to shop class? Isn’t that where you go if you can’t make it in the other classes? Isn’t engineering boring? Not if we can help it. Jeremy helps you shape how a student sees your classroom and helps them put their future careers into focus with a high impact intro leading into the GameChangers video. Meet the team that worked to redefine what was possible.


Screening BundleScreening Bundle

If you are looking to host an exciting event, let us help. This bundle includes the poster, the tickets and the film. We are providing you the checklist for what you should do before, during and after the event. This fast paced Episode of the Edge Factor Show is a great way to get people fired up about the wide world of manufacturing…all in the context of a great story. So get out the popcorn and turn up the volume.


Manufacturing Open HouseManufacturing Open House Bundle

Thinking about opening the door of your company but are nervous to invite your local school? Let us help create an exciting event and add some WOW factor to your open house.  This bundle includes a checklist that helps you run a successful event. Edge Factor has even included a PowerPoint that you can modify and add your company logo. We want to partner and equip you to connect with your local school in a meaningful way.


“Lite” GameChanger Kits | For Elementary and Secondary Schools

Lite GameChangers KitIf you are a High School and you want to have access to all the Teaching Resources in the portal, this Kit is a perfect choice for your classroom. The lesson plans and the lite version of the episodes are incredibly powerful tools that paint the career pathways available in Modern Manufacturing. As a bonus we have included the Orientation Marketing Bundle to ensure you are equipped to welcome your students with high impact media.

Note: This is not available to post-secondary educators.

Additional Add-Ons

Gamechanger Personalized Commercial

Looking for low-cost ways to promote your school and attract more students? Edge Factor offers different options to customize your GameChangers video and call viewers to come study at your school. Inspire them with custom footage of your campus and technology. Call the the viewer to join an industry that impacts lives; builds the world; and offers well paying, rewarding careers. For more information use the “Request More Info” button below.

Parent Samplers – Bulk Giveaways

A unique and powerful take home item for students attending career fairs and open houses. Drive messaging home with something for their parents to watch. Min Quantity is the 20 PACK

T-Shirt Bulk Pack

Do you need prizes for your classroom? Are your students fired up about manufacturing? Get the bulk pack of T-shirts and let your students rep the industry.


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