MastercamMastercam delivers fast, easy NC programming that lets you make the most of your machines. With modules for many CNC applications, you are assured to find exactly what you need.



Mastercam Design is powerful 3D CAD software also included in Mastercam Mill, Lathe, Router, and Wire.

  • Easy geometry modeling and editing.
  • Advanced geometry creation, including NURBS curves and surfaces.
  • 2D and 3D associative dimensioning.
  • Surface extension, blending, trimming, splitting, and variable filleting.

Mastercam Solids is fully integrated Parasolid®-based solid modeler that adds in to Mastercam Design, Mill, Lathe, Router, and Wire.

  • Powerful solid construction techniques.
  • Fast shelling, filleting, and chamfering.
  • Import and export Parasolid files.
  • History tree for easy operation editing.
  • Combine solids and surfaces in the same model.
  • Fully integrated, associative machining when combined with Mastercam Mill.
  • Easily remove and/or modify solid features, even on a dumb solid.
  • Quickly create axis lines on circular holes in Solids to aid in multiaxis drilling.


Mastercam Mill Level 1 delivers associative CAD/CAM for 2½-axis machining and design. Includes Design functionality, plus:

  • Streamlined tool manager.
  • Automated 2D Feature-Based Machining on solids.
  • Flexible contour, pocket, and drilling.
  • CAD File Change Recognition.
  • Highly efficient Dynamic Milling.
  • Tombstone programming/multiaxis positioning.
  • In-process stock model.
  • Solids-based toolpath verification.


Mastercam Mill Level 2 offers associative CAD/CAM for limited 3-axis machining and design. Includes Design and Mill Level 1 functionality, plus:

  • Single surface and limited multisurface finishing.
  • Single surface and limited multisurface roughing.
  • Toolpath projection onto a complex surface.


Mastercam Mill Level 3 brings associative CAD/CAM for full 3-axis machining and design. Includes Mastercam Design, Mill Level 1 & 2, plus:

  • Comprehensive, easy, and associative multisurface roughing and finishing.
  • High Speed Machining efficiently cuts complex parts.
  • OptiRough dramatically reduces roughing time.Remaining stock removal.
  • Machine surfaces, solids, STL files, and wireframe.


Mastercam Multiaxis is an Add-On module that delivers associative CAD/CAM for multiaxis machining that can be added to Mastercam Mill Level 3 or Mastercam Router Pro.

  • 4- and 5-axis multisurface roughing and finishing.
  • 5-axis contour cutting and trimming.
  • Full control over all aspects of tool approach, motion, and retract.
  • Full multiaxis solids-based verification.


X7-LatheMastercam Lathe is an associative CNC programming system for turning. Builds on Mastercam Design, plus:

  • Automatic tool compensation.
  • Solids-based toolpath verification.
  • Editable tool, material, and operation libraries.
  • Roughing (including Dynamic), finishing, threading, grooving, boring, drilling, and cut off.
  • C- and Y-axis machining, with full multiaxis when combined with Mastercam Mill.



Mastercam Mill-Turn offers a powerful solution that combines with Mastercam Mill and Mastercam Lathe for efficient mill/turn machining.

  • Streamlined workflow simplifies complex operations.
  • Full synchronization across unlimited data streams.
  • Complete machine and part simulation.


Mastercam Swiss Expert is a stand-alone software specifically designed for programming Swiss machines.

  • Solids-based programming and machine simulation.
  • Specialized toolpaths and synchronization designed for Swiss machines.

Wire EDM

X7-WireMastercam Wire is an associative CAD/CAM package for wire EDM. Builds on Mastercam Design, plus:

  • Advanced tapering in both 2-axis and 4-axis wirepaths.
  • Advanced synchronization capabilities.
  • Efficient lead-ins and lead-outs.
  • Automatic corner filleting and skim cut definition.
  • Efficient tab creation and management.
  • Wirepath filtering significantly reduces program size.


X7-RouterMastercam Router delivers associative CAD/CAM specifically designed for router. Builds on Mastercam Design, plus:

  • Mastercam Router delivers flexible 2D machining including aggregate head support, drill block support, multiple head support, nesting, engraving, and tab control.
  • Mastercam Router Plus adds single surface and limited multisurface roughing and finishing.
  • Mastercam Router Pro adds full multisurface roughing and finishing and fast cleanup machining.

Integrated Solutions

Mastercam for SolidWorks is a fully integrated CAM that runs directly within SolidWorks 2011 or later. Available for milling, turning, or both combined.


Milling features include:

  • Streamlined 2- through 5-axis programming, including Feature-Based Machining.
  • High speed and Dynamic toolpaths save time and tool wear.


Turning features include:

  • Fast roughing (including Dynamic), and finishing.
  • Threading, grooving, boring, drilling, cut off, and more.

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