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In-House Solutions has a dedicated full-time post department to meet all of your post processor needs. Our experience with Mastercam-specific post processor solutions is second to none, as we have been providing our customers with quality posts for many years. Our post processor developers all hold degrees in Mechanical Engineering from accredited Canadian Universities, and are both willing and able to take on any challenge.

Our posts are used worldwide and have an established reputation for quality. We strive to make the best possible post and will go the extra mile to ensure that it will support all the functionality you wish to get out of your machine. Below is a brief  description of just some of the features In-House Solutions posts support:

    • Tool Center Point Management (TCPM): Machines with TCPM have coordinates programmed relative to the tool tip. The machine compensates for the machine kinematics through enabling this feature. If your machine does not support TCPM, their post will compensate for the machine kinematics and configuration when outputting the coordinates.
    • Tilted PlaneTilted Planes: Tilted planes allow users to program using standard 3-axis motion on compound planes (planes in which the tool does not align with the machines physical X-, Y- or Z-axis). This allows users to more easily make program adjustments on the machine and even run canned drilling cycles on these planes. In-House posts can handle a variety of tilted plane formats, or compensating the coordinates if your machine does not support tilted planes.
    • Dynamic Work Offsets: Dynamic work offsets allow users to position the work offset anywhere on their part relative to the intersection of the rotary axes. This makes it easier for users to set up the part on their machine as the work offset would be set up relative to a part feature rather than being located at the intersection of the two rotary axes.
    • Machine Simulation: Machine Simulation within Mastercam is becoming more and more popular and In-House has recognized this by developing support for it in their posts. Their library of machines with simulation support continues to expand and they can add this functionality into almost any machine post upon request.
      Machine Sim  Machine SIm

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