Verisurf X


Verisurf X is a metrology solution for 3D inspection, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and first article inspections. It helps ensure design intent with its accurate measurement capabilites. The Verisurf dimensional metrology application portfolio provides a comprehensive set of flexible capabilities ideal for any application or budget.



In-House Solutions is your single source provider for Verisurf X – an advanced, yet affordable enterprise metrology application suite for manufacturers looking to get lean. Call us now about reducing QA backlog bloat, shrinking rework volume, and slimming operating cost.

Whether you have an existing CMM or are considering purchasing a new one, Verisurf X is the only software you’ll ever need. With its 3D, CAD-based architecture, flexible reporting options, and ease-of-use, Verisurf X will reduce training time requirements and increase productivity – right out of the box because it is based on the Mastercam architecture you already know. No matter what you are making or measuring, Verisurf X provides the power to drive your devices, reduce cost, improve quality, and streamline data management; all while maintaining a CAD-based digital workflow.

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Verisurf video overviews:



Optimized for coordinate metrology, Verisurf CAD includes comprehensive 3D surface modeling with associated GD&T creation and editing.





MEASURE controls all scanning and probing measurement including automation of device alignments, measurement, inspection and reporting of measured features and surfaces to blueprints and CAD models.





BUILD provides real time dynamic 3D deviation arrows and numeric display guides for fast positioning of assembly details. Intuitive graphical feedback eliminates costly hard templates and fixtures.





ANALYSIS provides rapid best fitting of measurements to 3D CAD model nominal. Communicate results with color deviation maps, whisker plots, custom ballooning and reporting.





VALIDATE provides precise CAD model translation validation by comparing the authority CAD model to the translated CAD model, enabling manufacturers to quickly identify any translation error.





REVERSE imports, edits and exports massive point clouds and STL meshes. Extensive point cloud filtering, mesh bridging, hole filling, edge extending, and trimming, smoothing, and slicing.





InspectionXpert automates bubbling of inspection drawings and creation of AS9102 and PPAP inspection reports. OCR reads nominal dimensions to create a time- and error-reducing auto-inspection plan in Verisurf.